We specialize in locating missing heirs, all over Canada and the USA.


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Need to Locate Missing Heirs?
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  • Identify heirs
  • Locate people in Canada and the USA
  • Obtain supporting documents
  • Prepare court-ready reports
  • Provide family tree charts
  • Manage complex multi-generation and multi-location cases

Serving: Lawyers - Attorneys - Trustees - Executors and Administrators of Estates

Is settlement of an estate being delayed because of a missing person? Do you need to locate named beneficiaries, legatees, unknown heirs, heirs-at-law, property owners, stock holders or family members?

Whether the reason is an estate, trust, insurance or property matter, if you have a fiduciary or legal responsibility to locate a missing person or identify heirs, we would love to help you.

Why choose Newman Research Services?

We have years of experience in probate research and locating missing heirs all over Canada and the USA - especially the really tough ones! We're proud of our success with difficult cases involving long term estrangements, adoption, substance abuse issues and homelessness. It's not impossible.

Our high level of expertise means a high success rate. In the rare case where the trail runs cold or it is not feasible to continue searching, we can provide you with a detailed report or notarized affidavit of due diligence.

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Probate research requires more than just genealogy.

Twentieth century records require a different set of detective skills. Newman Research Services combines traditional search techniques with modern technology and resources to find documents and people, fast.

Whether you need to locate just one person or every aunt, uncle, cousin and all of their descendants, Newman Research Services can provide the necessary research services.

Let us make the connections for you.

  • Fast service
  • Progress updates
  • Thorough and detailed
  • Effective interviewing skills
  • Intuitive, creative search methods
  • Network of contacts all over Canada, the USA and Europe
  • Reasonable rates


"Just Documents" Service

If you don't require in-depth research or reports, you can ask us to just locate documents for you. The most popular records we are asked to locate are:

For an estimate, just send us an email with the relevant names, dates, locations or reference numbers.

Other records are available. Our network of researchers regularly visit the BC Archives in Victoria, British Columbia, libraries in the Vancouver area, and repositories all over North America.


Locate Family Members

Want to locate relatives? Considering adoption reunion? Send us a brief description of your situation and we will let you know whether we can take your case.

How to Prepare

Research your Family of Origin

By researching your family history, it is possible to see clear indications of family patterns: ways of relating, inherited traits and talents, and possible reasons for dysfunction or success.

Depending on the records available, we may be able to discover: places your ancestors lived; who lived with them; their occupation; religious denomination; dates and places of birth, marriage and death; their handwriting and signature; cause of death; the beneficiaries of their estate; cemetery location; a photo of their grave marker, etc.

David Hart Family

Gain understanding of:

  • cultural heritage
  • your family dynamics
  • reasons to forgive
  • a deeper meaning of who you are

You may find that genealogical research will enrich your life beyond just satisfying your curiosity.